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    Our History

    Today we invite you to make your family just as satisfied as you browse through our exclusive flavors such as Confetti, Buckeye, and S’Mores. Each of our unique Caramel Corn products are made fresh with the highest quality of ingredients to ensure each piece is bursting with flavor! At first, we wanted to bring a new flavor to the greater area of Toledo, but now we would like to take our family tradition and share it with families everywhere. We know everyone’s lives are in constant motion so we have made it quick and easy for you to find your flavor and get it shipped directly to your door! We hope you have fun finding what flavor fits you and help us keep our tradition going for another fifteen years, and hopefully more!

    Our Family

    Our family grew up snacking on Caramel Corn, but no one could ever agree on the flavors. Each of us had our own style and we always felt that the taste left something to be desired. As our family grew, we quickly realized the only way to make everyone happy was to make it ourselves! Now, fifteen years later, we are pleased to introduce our quality Caramel Corn products to your home.